SCENT LIST (01-22-23)

BEE MINE: Dragonfruit poptail (dragonfruit slices, guava juice, bergamot, coconut blossom syrup, jasmine petals, gin, dragonfruit popsicle)/sugared peony (cotton Candy, Amber, Green Apple, White Jasmine, Rose Petals, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk)pink apple punch (Pink Lady Apple, Green Apple, Melon, Citrus, Slight Woodsy, Sweet Vanilla, Musk)

BEVERLY HILLS: Strawberry raspberry guava/cotton candy frosting/angel food cake.

BLOSSOM BABY: Huckleberry sugar blossom/wildberry chamomile/coconut butter.

CHERRY CAKE KISS: White cake/cherry vanilla/hint of dark kiss (a seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose, dark vanilla bean).

CONFECT: Lemon curd/shortbread cookies/sugar/vanilla frosting.

DON'T BE CRANKY: Tart cranberry/sweet mango temptations/pomegranate/pink sugar

JAVA THE HUT: Frosted animal cookies/espresso/hint Buko young coconut (coconut water, Florida orange, white peach, sugar cane, vanilla bean, Tonka bean, coconut husk, creamy musk)

LOVE BIRDS: Black raspberry vanilla/creme brûlée/hint black coconut (rich coconut, star anise, cedarwood and island blossoms)

LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Pink frosted cake/Love Spell dupe/pink sugar.

LOVE LETTER TO ME: Sugared kiwi melon/very vanilla (the best vanilla ever)/pear & Chantilly cream (juicy pear combined with a rich creamy accord)

LOW CAL TREAT: Fresh baked pretzel/creamy butterscotch/Mexican fried ice cream

NO ONE DOES IT LIKE YOU: Triple berry/black cherry/lemon pound cake/vanilla frosting.

RASPBERRY ARTISTRY: Raspberry sorbet/country cream/glazed donuts/cupcake at Tiffany's

STRAWBERRY POUNDCAKE WAFFLE CONE: Strawberry pound cake/vanilla sugar waffle cone//cotton candy frosting

STRAWBERRY WHITE CHOCOLATE FUDGE: Fresh picked strawberries/white chocolate/dipped in vanilla butter fudge

SWEET BERRY INC.: Wildberry mousse/caramel cookie/cream cheese frosting

THE CUPID TALES: Bite me (black cherry, strawberry, orange, lime, pineapple,eucalyptus, violet, lily, clove, vanilla bean)/sundrenched vineyard (crisp citrus peel highlights this berry blend as watery green accents create the refreshing top note. Warm woods and golden amber add smooth sweetness at the base of the scen)/vanilla custard



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