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Custom 4 ounce linen spray

Custom 4 ounce linen spray

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 Four ounce custom linen spray in glass or BPA-free plastic bottle with your choice of up to 3 scents. Please send me a message in note section on checkout with your order for scent preferences. 

Scent List:

Almond pastries; A 1000 wishes; Avobath; baked apples; Baja cactus blossom; bamboo; banana; banana cabana; barnwood; bears claws; Bermuda triangle; birthday cake, birthday cheesecake; blackberry jam; black raspberry vanilla; blackstrap molasses; blood orange & gogi berries; blueberry; blue cotton candy; blue raspberry candy; blue sugar; boo berry; bourbonwood; brown sugar; brown sugar & fig; buttercream; buttermint candies; butter pecan shortbread; butterscotch; cactus & sea salt; cake batter; candy corn; candy floss (OUT OF STOCK) cantaloupe & lily; caramel; caramel cookies; caramel kettle corn; caramelized pralines; Caribbean breeze; champagne; cheesecake; cherry vanilla; chestnuts & brown sugar; chocolate chip cookie dough; chocolate orchid; chocolate turtle cheesecake; cider lane; cinnamon stick; citrus fantasy; clean cotton; coastal; cocomilk; coconut; coconut lime verbena; coffee bean; cookies & cream fudge; cottage breeze; cotton candy; cotton candy frosting; country cream; cozy flannel; crackling birch; cranberry; cream cheese frosting; crisp air & winterberry; cucumber melon; cupcakes at Tiffany's; dragonfruit; dragonfruit poptail; drops of rain; earth Nag Champa; eggnog; elderflower spritz; eucalyptus spearmint; fall leaves, fizzy pop; French vanilla; French vanilla & amber; fresh baked bread; fresh pear; fresh squeezed oranges; frosted sugar cookies; fruit loops; fruity pebbles; funnel cake; Gain laundry; gingerbread; grape; grapefruit mangosteen; green apple; gourmet sugar cookie; harvest festival; holiday festival; hot chocolate; huckleberry & sugar blossom; ice cream parlor; ice cream scoop bread; iced lemon cookies; Kofac's cornbread; lava flow poptail; lavender; lemon curd; lemon drop; lemon pound cake; love spell; lychee trop poptail; mahogany teakwood; maple glazed bacon; maple pancakes; maple walnut fudge; mango peach salsa; marshmallow fireside; marshmallow fluff; Mexican fried ice cream; patchouli; peppermint; perfect peach; pie crust; pineapples; pineapple cilantro; pineapple mango; pink chiffon; pink frosted cake; pink sands; pistachio pudding cake; pizzelle; pomegranate; pumpkin crunch cake; pumpkin harvest; pumpkin pecan waffles; pumpkin spice; orange caramel cake; raspberry lemonade; rice crispy treats; salted caramel; salt water taffy; salty sea air; sapphire nights; sea salt & cocoa bean; Snow fairy; sorbet snapdragon; sparkling clean; sterling icicles; strawberry; sugar cookie dough; sugar, sugar milk; sugared peaches; sugar plum; sugared spruce; Sunday brunch; sweet bakery dough; sweet potato & brown sugar; sweet winterberry; sunshine passionfruit; tea & cakes; toasted marshmallow; tobacco; Tonka bean; triple berry; twinkies; vanilla bean Noel; vanilla butter fudge; vanilla buttercream crunch; vanilla chai; vanilla custard; vanilla frosted grahams; vanilla hazelnut; vanilla lace; vanilla pineapple margarita; vanilla sugar waffle cone; vital energy; Vermont honey apple; vine-ripened tomato; warm vanilla sugar; welcome home; whipped cream; white chocolate; wildberry chamomile; wildberry mousse; wild watermelon; winter wonderland; wonderberry; woodsmoke, yog nog; zucchini bread.


Blended soy wax, fragrance oil, mica

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20-25 ounces

Care Instructions

Cut of piece and place in wax warmer to melt. Do not leave unattended.

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These cute hedgehogs were available last restock in Fall's Coming: Pumpkin pecan waffles, caramelized pralines, frosted sugar cookie, and funnel cake. I can recreate any wax as a custom so don't hesitate to ask.

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