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This listing is not for sale. This listing is for informative purposes only! I have over 260 scent combinations/house blends available in my shop in either a 6 oz bar, 4 & 8 ounce shape bags or 14 ounce loaf! There are listings for each of these. Below is a list of scent combinations available with fragrance oils I have on hand! You will need to choose a listing of your choice and send me a message of your preferred scent combination. If you have any questions please also message me! I love hearing from my customers. Pictures belong to SassyWaxmelts and cannot be used without permission. Also pics are for reference only. 

Scent combinations available for custom orders:
  1. Ace of Spades: Black raspberry vanilla/lemon curd/pear/cotton candy
  2. Allstar: Red currant/Vermont honey apple/black raspberry vanilla
  3. Almond Joy: Chocolate/almond/coconut/pink sugar
  4. Always In Bloom: Huckleberry sugar blossom/wildberry chamomile/crackling birch
  5. Autumn Bakery: Fresh baked bread/baked apples/gingerbread/pumpkin crunch cake
  6. Autumn Fest: Sweet potato brown sugar/pumpkin harvest/whipped cream/woodsmoke
  7. Azure Dale: Sweet rocky pine/strawberry pine/sugared spruce
  8. Bah Humbug: Indian nutmeg/butter rum/cinnamon sugar/toasted marshmallow 
  9. Banana Crepe Ice Cream: Banana crepes/cake batter ice cream/vanilla sugar waffle cone
  10. Beach Babe: Pineapple mango/sea salt & cocoa bean
  11. Beach Buds: Avobath/blood orange & Gogi berries/Bermuda triangle 
  12. Bake Off: Twinkies/vanilla frosted grahams//pink frosted cake/vanilla frosting
  13. Beach Vibes: Bermuda triangle/coastal/vanilla bean Noel 
  14. Bee Thankful: Pumpkin pecan waffles/frosted sugar cookie/Vermont honey apple/funnel cake
  15. Bella: Caramel/chocolate/caramelized pralines/vanilla hazelnut/ice cream
  16. Berry Fine: Triple berry/buttery caramel/pie crust
  17. Berry Fizz: Boo berry/wonderberry/ fizzy pop 
  18. Berry Luscious: Triple berry/vanilla custard/creme brulee
  19. Best Damn Scent Ever: Bourbon butterscotch/marshmallow fireside/salted caramel/vanilla bean
  20. Best In Life: Chocolate chip cookie dough/cheesecake/vanilla ice cream/caramel macchiato 
  21. Betty Lou: Sweet potato brown sugar/sugared peaches/crackling birch 
  22. Big Flirt: Peaches/strawberry/candy corn/vanilla bean noel
  23. Blossom: Cherry vanilla/cream cheese frosting
  24. Blueberry Binge: Blueberry cobbler/birthday cheesecake/whipped cream
  25. Blueberry Pumpkin Marshmallow: Blueberries/pumpkin spice/marshmallow
  26. Blueberry Supreme: Blueberries/funnel cake/whipped cream
  27. Blueberry Surprise: Blueberries/cheesecake/buttery caramel/ice cream
  28. Blue Lagoon: Blueberry/pineapple
  29. Blue Skies: Blue raspberry candy/raspberry lemonade
  30. Boozy Eggnog: Eggnog/butter   rum/nutmeg/cinnamon
  31. Bountiful: Vermont honey apples/pears/zucchini bread
  32. Bread Crumbs: Fresh baked bread/caramel/marshmallow fluff
  33. Bread Line: Blackberry jam butter cookies/iced lemon cookies
  34. Breakfast in Paris: Strawberry jam/French baguette/pink sugar
  35. Breakfast With My Baby: Cold stone creamery coffee/glazed doughnuts (no spice)
  36. Brewtastic: Pumpkin peanut brittle/zucchini bread/Brazilian coffee & pure cane/hint black 
  37. Buttercup: Sweet cornbread/butterscotch/sugar milk
  38. But First, Brunch: Pretzel/salted caramel/caramel macchiato
  39. Butterscotch Brûlée: Butterscotch/creme Brûlée/woodsmoke
  40. Cake Hole: Pink frosted cake/vanilla buttercream crunch/cream cheese frosting
  41. Cake Walk: Birthday cheesecake/ice cream/vanilla cake pops/fresh picked strawberries
  42. Calling All Ants: Peach sugar/pie crust/hint cinnamon/French vanilla/sugar milk 
  43. Campfire: Fall leaves/toasted marshmallow/woodsmoke
  44. Candy Fluff: Hint of bubblegum/candy floss/apples/pears
  45. Candy Land: Maple walnut fudge/salted caramel/vanilla sugar waffle cone
  46. Caramel Apple Cheesecake: Vermont honey apple/caramel/cheesecake
  47. Caramel Pecan Pie: Caramelized pralines/pie crust/creme brulee
  48. Carnival Night: Cotton candy/rice crispy treats/vanilla sugar waffle cone
  49. Casper: Black raspberry vanilla/peaches/pears/caramel/French vanilla
  50. Cereal Killer: Fruity pebbles/fruit loops/sugar milk
  51. Cheat Day: Birthday cake/peeps/sugar cookie
  52. CherryToffee:Cherry/coconut/almond/caramel
  53. Child's Play: Grape/cotton candy
  54. Chillin By The Fire: Barnwood/fall leaves/toasted marshmallow
  55. Chocolate Cherries: Chocolate/cherry/buttercream
  56. Chocolate Kettle Corn Milkshake: Caramel kettle corn/milk chocolate/ice cream/sugar milk
  57. Christmas Story: Hillbilly home brew/orange caramel cake/warm vanilla sugar
  58. Class Act: Bourbon butterscotch/fresh baked bread/brown sugar fig
  59. Clean Energy: Green apple/pears/peaches
  60. Clean Freak: Blood orange Gogi berries/April fresh Downey
  61. Coastline: Warm vanilla sugar/sea salt & cocoa bean/pink sugar
  62. Come One Come All: Caramel kettle corn/funnel cake/green apple/caramel
  63. Confection Heaven: Dutch apple crunch/caramel/ice cream
  64. Cookie Exchange: Caramel cookie/chocolate turtle cheesecake/vanilla cake pops/gourmet sugar cookie
  65. Cotton Berry: Triple berry/clean cotton (Jay’s blend)
  66. Cotton Candy Milkshake: Cotton candy/ice cream/sugar milk
  67. Country Bumpkin: Sweet pumpkin puree/sugared blueberries/zucchini bread
  68. Country Living: Pearberry/bird of paradise
  69. Crisp Days Ahead: Bourbon butterscotch/salted caramel/smoked vanilla
  70. Crushin’: Pineapple/blue raspberry/French vanilla/strawberry raspberry guava
  71. Cry Baby: Orange caramel cake/tea & cakes/vanilla butter fudge
  72. Cuppa Cocoa: Hot chocolate/marshmallow fluff/whipped cream
  73. Death by Candy Corn: Candy corn/French vanilla/pizzelle/yog nog
  74. Deck The Hall: Hillbilly mistletoe/crackling birch/woodsmoke
  75. Delightful: Pink frosted cake/rice krispy treats/sugar cookie dough
  76. Dewey Kisses: Huckleberry sugar blossom/wildberry chamomile/Tonka bean
  77. Dinomite: Fruity pebbles/marshmallow fluff
  78. Don’t B Blu: Pink chiffon/blue raspberry
  79. Don’t Eat Me: Twinkies/vanilla sugar waffle cone/vanilla cake pops
  80. Doughy Delight: Chocolate chip cookie dough/sugar cookie dough/buttercream/sweet potato brown sugar
  81. Down The Rabbit Hole: Fresh picked strawberries/white cake/ice cream
  82. Dreaming of Warm Days; Lemon curd/lemon sugar/marshmallow fluff/vanilla sugar waffle cone
  83. Drool Worthy: Wildberry mousse/vanilla custard/pizzelle
  84. Drunken Peach: Peaches/champagne
  85. Eat Your Heart Out: Triple berry/vanilla custard/toasted marshmallow
  86. Earthen Ninja: Bamboo/orange/patchouli
  87. Easily Amused: Cherry vanilla/twinkies/Wildberry mousse
  88. Enchanted: Elderflower spritz/wonderberry
  89. Euphoria: Fresh picked strawberries/marshmallow peeps/sugar cookie dough
  90. Fair for All: Cotton candy/caramel apples/funnel cake
  91. Fairway: Sugar cookie dough/funnel cake/ice cream scoop bread
  92. Fall Bakery: Pumpkin harvest/sugar cookie dough/toasted marshmallow/baked apples/caramel cookie
  93. Fall Fruit Attack: Cranberry/pomegranate/grape/pears/peaches
  94. Fall Hoedown: Sundrenched vineyard/strawberry jam/sugared peaches
  95. Falling Into Breakfast: Pumpkin crunch cake/blackberries/maple pancakes
  96. Fall Into Fall: Pumpkin crunch cake/vanilla bean Noel
  97. Fall’s Coming: Pumpkin pecan waffles/caramelized pralines/frosted sugar cookie/funnel cake
  98. Farmin: Baked apples/pears/peaches/cider lane
  99. Fit To Melt: Watermelon/birthday cake
  100. For Goodness Cakes: Pistachio pudding cake/vanilla cake pops/tea & cakes
  101. For Lily & Boo: Cherry vanilla/cranberry
  102. Fraidy Cat: Palo Santo/maple walnut fudge/buttercream
  103. Fruit Blast: blue raspberry/strawberry/peaches/pink sugar
  104. Fruit Express: Peaches/sugar plum/pink sugar/hint peppermint
  105. Fruit O Loops: Fruit loops/sparkling limoncello
  106. Fruit Pickin: BlackBerry Jam/sugar plum/cotton candy/hint cinnamon
  107. Fruit Rush: Citrus fantasy/strawberry raspberry guava/coconut
  108. Galentines: Cherry vanilla/marshmallow fluff/sea salt & cocoa bean
  109. Gimme All The Cookies: Frosted sugar cookie/sugar cookie dough/pizzelle
  110. Gimme Some Sugah: Yog nog/sweet bakery dough/toasted almond/brown sugar/cinnamon
  111. Gingerbread House: Gingerbread/glazed cinnamon donuts/caramel cookie/buttercream
  112. Glamping: Sweet rocky pine/strawberry pine
  113. Grandma’s House: Warm vanilla sugar/yog nog/sweet bakery dough
  114. Grape Fizz: Sugar plum/grape/fizzy pop
  115. Grateful Bread: Fresh baked bread/iced lemon cookies/buttercream
  116. Great Pumpkin: Pumpkin harvest/salted caramel/birthday cake/blue sugar
  117. Grinchmas: Vanilla butter fudge/buttermint candies/cocomilk
  118. Hag’n With My Peeps: Peeps/frosted sugar cookie/rice crispy treats
  119. Hairy Naval: Oranges/peaches
  120. Happy Treats: Boardwalk marshmallow clouds/peeps/yellow cake
  121. Hang Me Out To Dry: Cherry vanilla/clean cotton
  122. Hansel & Gretel’s House: Holiday festival/gingerbread/vanilla buttercream crunch
  123. Harvest Moon: Butterscotch haystacks/brown sugar fig/chestnuts brown sugar
  124. Hello Fall: Baked apples/pears/sugar milk/vanilla hazelnut
  125. Heartbreaker: French vanilla amber/sandalwood
  126. Holiday Magic: Twisted peppermint/yellow cake/marshmallow fluff
  127. Home Brewed: Caramel macchiato/pumpkin peanut brittle/pumpkin pecan waffles
  128. Honers: Wild mountain honey/sweet bakery dough/brown sugar
  129. Hooville: Sugar plum/grape/cotton candy frosting
  130. Huggamug: Coconut cream pie/cafe Vienna
  131. Hurricane Alley: Bermuda Triangle/sea salt cocoa bean
  132. ID Channel: Caramel/toasted marshmallow
  133. I Love Spring: Lavender & spring apricot/sunshine passion fruit 
  134. I’m A Toad, Kiss Me: Love spell/pink sugar
  135. Indian Summer: Pumpkin spice/marshmallow fireside/vanilla bean Noel
  136. Invigorate: Oranges/lemon curd/clean cotton
  137. Island Hopper: Cranberry/pineapples/almond/champagne
  138. Jacked Up: Caramel coffee/peppermint/very vanilla
  139. Jelly Belly: Cherry/strawberry/peach/hint of cinnamon/vanilla
  140. Jitter Juice: Black coffee/coconut/white chocolate/pink sugar
  141. John Lemon: Lemon curd/candy floss/whipped cream
  142. Jolly: Green apple candy/candy floss/blue sugar
  143. Jump For Joy: Mango papaya/kumquat/coconut
  144. Jumpin Jelly Beans: Pear/apple/lemon/sugar
  145. Keep Your Cool: Cotton candy/blue sugar/vanilla bean Noel 
  146. Laundry Day: Cherry vanilla/Gain laundry
  147. Last Call: Watermelon/raspberry lemonade
  148. Layers: Carrot cake/cream cheese frosting/vanilla frosted grahams
  149. Leaf Me Alone: Brown sugar fig/blue sugar/vanilla custard/hint fall leaves
  150. Legal Crack: Brazilian coffee & pure cane/zucchini bread/butter brickle 
  151. Lemon Shake Up: Iced lemon cookies/blackberry jam/cake batter
  152. Lemon Shortbread Cookie: Shortbread cookies/lemon sugar
  153. Lip Smackin Cherry: Cherry vanilla/grapefruit/champagne
  154. Love is Blind: Black raspberry vanilla/coconut/strawberry raspberry guava/warm vanilla sugar
  155. Love Shack: Salted caramel/zucchini bread/cornbread
  156. Love Sick Blues: Blue raspberry/black raspberry vanilla/champagne
  157. Lullaby of Dreams: Lavender/blueberry/sugar milk 
  158. Luminous Optimist: Cotton candy/bubblegum/salt water taffy
  159. Mad 4 Cookies: Caramel cookie/frosted sugar cookie/sugar cookie dough
  160. Mad Hatter: Marshmallow fluff/cotton candy/marshmallow fireside/sugar cookie
  161. Mad For Sugar: Maple walnut fudge/cake batter/eggnog
  162. Magical: Snow fairy dupe, A 1000 wishes dupe/pink sands
  163. Man Cave: Marshmallow fireside/barnwood/Lord of Misrule
  164. Marry Me: Mandarin plum/sugared peaches/coconut
  165. Mermaid Cocktail: Pineapples/banana/coconut/strawberry raspberry guava/hint sea salt cocoa bean
  166. Midway Lineup: Vanilla sugar waffle cone/funnel cake/strawberry/cream cheese frosting
  167.  Milk and Cookies: Frosted sugar cookie, sugar milk, sugar cookie dough.
  168. Mint 2 B: Chocolate/mint/champagne
  169. Monkey See Monkey Do: Banana/triple berry
  170. Mootown: Chocolate chip cookie dough/ice cream
  171. Morning Nap: Boardwalk marshmallow clouds/lavender/buttercream
  172. Much Needed Vacay: Bermuda triangle/coconut/vanilla bean Noel
  173. Naughty or Nice: Winter wonderland/vanilla cake pops/vanilla frosting
  174. Not A Morning Person: Lavender/lemon pound cake/creamy vanilla icing
  175. Not Really Baking: Vanilla sugar waffle cone/cake batter/ice cream scoop bread/Mexican fried ice cream
  176. Oktoberfest: Pumpkin harvest/caramel/zucchini bread/caramelized pralines
  177. Orange Buttercream: Oranges/buttercream/chocolate
  178. Orchard Banquet: Mac apple/pears/cocomilk/pink sugar
  179. Paradise Pines: Cottage breeze/sugared spruce/marshmallow fireside
  180. Patty Cake Baker’s Man: Pistachio pudding cake/cake batter/ice cream scoop bread/Mexican fried ice cream
  181. Peep Show: Marshmallow fluff/buttercream/vanilla bean noel
  182. Peppermint Bark; Peppermint/white chocolate/marshmallow fluff
  183. Perfectly Paired: Sundrenched vineyard/bayberry/sugar plum
  184. Pick of the Patch: Cider donuts/pumpkin/marshmallow
  185. Piece A Cake: Pink frosted cake/rice crispy treats/birthday cheesecake/sugar milk
  186. Pineapple Paradise: Pineapples/sugar cookie dough
  187. Pink Champagne: Strawberry/Raspberry guava/champagne
  188. Pink Heaven: Pink frosted cake/vanilla buttercream crunch/vanilla cake batter ice cream
  189. Pixie Dust: Strawberry/snow fairy/pink sugar
  190. Plum Cray: Sugar plum/blackberry jam/creme Brûlée
  191. Porch Sittin: Honey clementine/country lemonade/French vanilla
  192. Prom Night: Pears/peaches/champagne (Jay’s blend)
  193. Pucker Up: Green apple candy/blue raspberry/fizzy pop
  194. Pumpkin Marshmallow Fireside: Pumpkin marshmallow fireside, vanilla bean Noel
  195. Pumpkin Patch: Pumpkin spice/vanilla bean Noel/fall leaves/woodsmoke
  196. Pumpkin Pickin’: Pumpkin harvest/kettle corn/caramel/oud wood
  197. Pumpkin Princess: Sweet pumpkin puree/palo santo/pumpkin pecan waffles
  198. Raspberry Float: Blue raspberry/black raspberry vanilla/ice cream
  199. Reindeer Games: Rice crispies treats/frosted toasted grahams/cream cheese frosting
  200. Rosemary Mint Apple: Rosemary mint/green apple
  201. Salted Caramel Mocha: White chocolate/salted caramel/coffee/whipped cream
  202. Salted Caramel Pie: Green apple/salted caramel/pie crust
  203. Sanity: Triple berry/sugar plum/sugar milk
  204. Saturday Morning: Blackberry jam/butter pecan shortbread cookies/iced lemon cookies
  205. Serendipity: Vanilla/cherry/coconut/cotton candy
  206. Shape Shifter: Vanilla chai/bayberry/fall leaves/hint black pepper
  207. She Crazy: Grape/cotton candy
  208. Shimmering Labyrinth: Pink chiffon/blue raspberry candy
  209. Shop Till U Drop: Caramel/chocolate/kettle corn
  210. Shut Eye: Lavender/marshmallow fluff
  211. Sippin’ Cider: Cider lane/caramelized pralines/toasted marshmallow
  212. Smash Hit: Cotton candy/strawberry/lemon curd
  213. Smores: Chocolate/frosted toasted grahams/toasted marshmallow/hint woodsmoke
  214. Snax Attack: Blueberries/birthday cheesecake/boardwalk marshmallow clouds
  215. Sophisticated: Pink apple punch/sugared peony/sandalwood
  216. Southern Snack: Kofac’s cornbread/blackberry jam
  217. Spicy Cran-Orange: Fresh squeezed oranges/cranberry/spiced vanilla
  218. Spoiled Rotten: Chocolate chip cookie dough/cupcakes at Tiffany’s/cream cheese frosting
  219. Spring Fling: Peach Bellini/dragonfruit/blood orange & Gogi berries
  220. Squeaky Clean: Sparkling clean/citrus fantasy
  221. State Fair: Salt water taffy/cotton candy/funnel cake/caramel apples
  222. Strawberry Cake: Fresh picked strawberries/white cake/cream cheese frosting
  223. Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie: Strawberry lemonade/creme brulee/sugar milk
  224. Strawberry Jam Pie: Fresh picked strawberries/pie crust/strawberry jam
  225. Strawberry Pound Cake: Fresh picked strawberries/vanilla pound cake/sugar crystals/whipped cream
  226. Sweet As A Peach: Peach jam/cornbread/cocomilk/brown sugar/hint cinnamon
  227. Sweet Shop: Palo Santo/ vanilla buttercream crunch/ice cream scoop bread 
  228. Sweet Sleep: Lavender/buttercream
  229. Sweet Tater Pie: Sweet potato brown sugar/marshmallow fluff/pie crust
  230. Sweet Tooth: Salt water taffy/cotton candy frosting/sugar milk
  231. Sweet Cheeks: Cupcakes at Tiffany’s/vanilla sugar waffle cone/cake batter/buttercream
  232. Sweet Nothins: Chocolate turtle cheesecake/caramel cookie/salted caramel
  233. Sweet Spot: Cupcakes at Tiffany’s/vanilla butter fudge/vanilla frosted grahams/maple walnut fudge
  234. Sugar Mama: Cupcakes at Tiffany’s/strawberry/cream cheese frosting/whipped cream
  235. Summer In The Park: Black raspberry vanilla/pink frosted cake/sugar milk
  236. Summer Time: Strawberry/raspberry guava/fizzy pop
  237. Sunset: Cherry/pineapples/oranges/pink sugar
  238. Taffy Pull: Salt water taffy/marshmallow fluff/sugar
  239. Tea Time: Iced lemon cookies/lemon pound cake/tea & cakes
  240. The Boo Patch: Sweet pumpkin puree/coconut/maple sugar
  241. The Fairies Have Landed: Fairy garden/cotton candy frosting
  242. Thirst Quencher: Strawberry/raspberry lemonade
  243. This Screams Summer: Strawberry/banana/pineapples/coconut/ice cream
  244. Tight Wad: Frosted animal cookies/cashmere cedar/cake batter ice cream.
  245. Toasted Hot Cocoa: Hot chocolate/whipped cream/toasted marshmallow
  246. Too Good To Be Tru: Frosted sugar cookie/rice crispy treats/funnel cake/candy floss
  247. Treat Yoself: Peeps/rice crispy treats/vanilla sugar waffle cone
  248. Twinkle: Lord of Misrule/toasted marshmallow/woodskmoke
  249. Twisted Hot Chocolate: Strawberry/peppermint/hot chocolate
  250. Unicorn Kisses: Chocolate orchid/pink sugar
  251. Ugly Sweater Contest: Sweater weather/toasted marshmallow/buttercream/vanilla cupcakes
  252. Warm Apple Pie: Baked apples/pie crust/caramel/hint almond (Victoria's blend)
  253. Warm N’ Cozy: Pumpkin harvest/toasted marshmallow/pie crust
  254. Warm Up: White chocolate/coffee bean/whipped cream
  255. Wash, Dry, Repeat: Cherry vanilla swirl/clean cotton
  256. Who Knew: Frosted sugar cookie/crisp air & winterberry
  257. Wildberry Fizz: Wildberry mousse/cotton candy/fizzy pop
  258. Wild Child: Wildberry mousse/marshmallow fluff/buttermint candies
  259. Willa: Sweet bakery dough/zucchini bread/caramelized pralines/fruity pebbles
  260. Wine Tasting: Sundrenched vineyard/mandarin plum/sugared peaches
  261. Winter Candied Apple: Vermont honey apple/pears/oranges/pineapple/cinnamon/vanilla
  262. You Will Float Too: Palo Santo/candy corn/pretzel
  263.  Zero Sugar: Sugar milk/sweet bakery dough/vanilla bean Noel
  264. Zoey: Fruity pebbles/funnel cake/kettle corn/whipped cream.


Blended soy wax, fragrance oil, mica

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20-25 ounces

Care Instructions

Cut of piece and place in wax warmer to melt. Do not leave unattended.

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These cute hedgehogs were available last restock in Fall's Coming: Pumpkin pecan waffles, caramelized pralines, frosted sugar cookie, and funnel cake. I can recreate any wax as a custom so don't hesitate to ask.

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